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Published on December 6, 2004 By Aldar In WoW
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I am now an Armorsmith.

Here is a list of what I can build:

Cool Stuff

Name Notes
Arcanite Rod Needed by enchanters
Mithril Shield Spikes Attaches a Mithril Spike to your shield that deals damage every time you block with it
Mithril Spurs Attaches spurs to your boots that increase your mounted movement speed.
Inlaid Mithril Cylinder Used for Engineering
Iron Shield Spike Modifies your shield to deal damage every time you block
Iron Counterweight Improves 2H weapon speed by 3%
Iron Buckle Used for Leatherworking and Tailoring
Heavy Weightstone Increase blunt weapon damage by 4 for 30 minutes.
Heavy Sharpening Stone Increase sharp weapon damage by 4 for 30 minutes.



Name Worn Armor Level Notes
Radiant Leggings Legs 286 - Mail 56 +18 Frost Resist, +18 Shadow Resist
Thorium Leggings Legs 499 - Plate 55 +10 Arcane Resist, +10 Fire Resist, +10 Nature Resist, +10 Frost Resist, +10 Shadow Resist
Storm Gauntlets Hands 218 - Mail 54 +3 Lightning damage to melee attacks and up to 21 additional damage done by Nature spells/effects 
Radiant Boots Feet 215 - Mail 53 +15 Frost Resist, +15 Shadow Resist
Thorium Boots Feet 367 - Plate 51 +7 Arcane Resist, +7 Fire Resist, +7 Nature Resist, +7 Frost Resist, +7 Shadow Resist
Wildthorn Mail Chest 322 - Mail 49 Increases damage done by Nature spells and effects by up to 30
Radiant Breastplate Chest 293 - Mail 49 +16 Frost Resist, +16 Shadow Resist
Thorium Bracers Wrist 214 - Plate 46 +5 Arcane Resist, +5 Fire Resist, +5 Nature Resist, +5 Frost Resist, +5 Shadow Resist
Thorium Belt Waist 270 - Plate 45 +6 Arcane Resist, +6 Fire Resist, +6 Nature Resist, +6 Frost Resist, +6 Shadow Resist
Truesilver Breastplate Chest 529 - Plate 44 3% chance to heal 60-80 when struck
Ornate Mithril Boots Feet 324 - Plate 44 +1% Dodge Immune to root for 5 sec
Ornate Mithril Helm Head 383 - Plate 44 +1% Crit Strike
Ornate Mithril Breastplate  Chest 463 - Plate 43 +1% Crit Strike +1% Dodge
Heavy Mithril Helm Head 469 - Plate 42 +15Sta
Heavy Mithril Boots Feet 382 - Plate 42 +12Sta
Mithril Coif Head 206 - Mail 41 +12Sta +13Spr
Heavy Mithril Breastplate Chest 536 - Plate 41 +15Sta
Truesilver Gauntlets Hands 300 - Plate 40 +16Str +7Sta
Ornate Mithril Shoulders Shoulder 327 - Plate 40 +5 Str +1% Dodge
Ornate Mithril Pants Legs 375 - Plate 40 +1% Dodge
Ornate Mithril Gloves Hands 268 - Plate 40 +1% Crit Strike
Steel Plate Helm Head 355 - Plate 40  
Heavy Mithril Pants Legs 417 - Plate 40 +11Sta
Heavy Mithril Shoulder Shoulder 225 - Plate 40 +12Sta
Heavy Mithril Gauntlet Hands 268 - Plate 40 +8Sta
Mithril Scale Pants Legs 208 - Mail 37 +11Spr
Golden Scale Gauntlets Hands 146 - Mail 36 +11Str +4Spr
Steel Breastplate Chest 381 - Mail 35  
Golden Scale Boots Feet 159 - Mail 35 +8Str +8Spr
Golden Scale Coif Head 181 - Mail 33 +10Str +10Spr
Golden Scale Bracers Wrist 91 - Mail 32  
Green Iron Haubrek Chest 358 - Mail 31 +7Str +11Sta
Green Iron Leggings Legs 176 - Mail 26 +8Str +8Sta
Green Iron Helm Head 171 - Mail 29 +5Str +11Sta
Green Iron Bracers Wrist 86 - Mail 28  
Silvered Bronze Leggings Legs 176 - Mail 26 +7Str +6Sta +6Spr
Shining Silver Breastplate Chest 214 - Mail 24 +14Str +6Sta
Silvered Bronze Gauntlets Hands 118 - Mail 22 +4Str +4Sta +3Spr
Silvered Bronze Boots Feet 128 - Mail 21 +4Str +4Sta +3Spr
Patterned Bronze Bracers Wrist 80 - Mail 20 +5Str
Rough Bronze Cuirass Chest 168 - Mail 18  
Rough Bronze Shoulders Shoulder 124 - Mail 17  
Rough Bronze Leggings Legs 149 - Mail 16 +5Sta +4Spr
Ironforge Breastplate Chest 198 - Mail 15 +3Str +3Sta
Rough Bronze Boots Feet 106 - Mail 13  
Runed Copper Belt Waist 86 - Mail 13  
Runed Copper Bracers Wrist 68 - Mail 14  
Gemmed Copper Gauntlets Hands 90 - Mail 10  
Runed Copper Pants Legs 113 - Mail 8 +2Str +Sta
Runed Copper Gauntlets Hands 73 - Mail 7  
Copper Chained Vest Chest 108 - Mail 5 +1Str
Copper Chain Belt Waist 61 - Mail 6  
Copper Chain Boots Feet 65 - Mail 4  
Copper Chain Pants Legs 83 - Mail 4  



Name Type DPS Level Speed Damage Notes
Volcanic Hammer 1H Mace 34.6 53 2.50 60-113 Chance on hit to do 100-128 Fire damage + 18 additional fire damage over 6 seconds
Dazzling Mithril Rapier 1H Sword 28.5 43 1.70 34-63 +8 Agi
Big Black Mace 1H Mace 27.5 41 2.40 46-86 +8Str
Wicked Mithril Blade 1H Sword 26.7 40 2.30 43-80 +6Str +4Agi
Blue Glittering Axe 1H Axe 25.8 39 1.80 32-61 +8 Agi
Heavy Mithril Axe 1H Axe 24.1 37 2.70 45-85 +7Sta
Shadow Crescent Axe 2H Axe 29.0 35 2.50 58-87 +11Str +10Sta
Moonsteel Broadsword 2H Sword 24.6 31 2.80 55-83 +4Sta +12Spr
Glinting Steel Dagger 1H Dagger 18.7 31 1.50 19-37 +12Att
Golden Iron Destroyer 2H Mace 22.9 29 2.75 50-76 +11Str +4Sta
Hardened Iron Shortsword 1H Sword 16.7 27 1.80 21-39 +5Sta
Iridescent Hammer 1H Mace 14.4 23 1.80 18-34 +3Str +3Sta
Bronze Battle Axe 2H Axe 16.9 22 2.90 39-59  
Heavy Bronze Mace 1H Mace 12.9 20 2.80 25-47  
Bronze Greatsword 2H Sword 16.0 21 3.00 38-58  
Bronze Warhammer 2H Mace 15.2 20 3.10 37-57  
Bronze Shortsword 1H Sword 11.2 19 2.10 16-31  
Bronze Axe 1H Axe 10.5 18 2.10 15-29  
Pearl Handled Dagger 1H Dagger 11.5 18 1.70 13-26 +2Agi +2Sta
Bronze Mace 1H Mace 10.0 17 2.60 18-34  
Big Bronze Knife 1H Dagger 10.0 15 1.90 13-25 +3Sta
Heavy Copper Broadsword 2H Sword 12.6 14 2.70 27-41 +6Sta
Thick War Axe 1H Axe 8.6 12 2.50 15-28 +1Str +1Sta
Heavy Copper Maul 2H Mace 9.5 11 2.80 21-32  
Copper Battle Axe 2H Axe 9.1 8 3.20 23-35 +3Sta
Copper Claymore 2H Sword 6.3 6 3.00 15-23  
Copper Dagger 1H Dagger 5.0 6 1.50 5-10  
Copper Shortsword 1H Sword 3.8 4 2.10 5-11  
Copper Axe 1H Axe 3.9 4 1.90 5-10  
Copper Mace 1H Mace 3.9 4 2.20 6-11  



Other Stuff

Inlaid Mithril Cylinders (need Truesilver), Grinding Stones, Sharpening Stones, Weightstones, Keys, Rods, Iron Buckles

Just ask if you would like me to make you something (send Aldar mail in the game)...

...and supplies are always cheerfully accepted!


Comments (Page 1)
on Dec 10, 2004
Learned to make Ironforge Breastplates and big Bronze Knives!
on Dec 13, 2004
Had my first venture into the Deadmines yesterday as part of a party that included Kassia, Keep, Bront, Galadin, and myself. Keep is a good guide into the Deadmines!

Also completed the Daphne Stilwell quest with Melinda and Stormywaters.
on Dec 14, 2004
Tagged along with Stormywaters, Melinda, and SlayerBuffy to get the first 2 items needed for the Fist. It may be time to install the game on a faster computer - being called Sir Lagsalot is getting old
on Dec 24, 2004
being called Sir Lagsalot is getting old

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's all good but I do understand the frustrations with lag. Sometimes my virus scan will pop up in the background and I'll get crazy lag. I've learned to recognize it, so I can alt-tab and shut down the offending program.

We should all get together and take a group picture and post it here at JU. See you!

on Dec 24, 2004

We should all get together and take a group picture and post it here at JU. See you!


sweet jesus now you can feed your addiction on your other addiction.

on Jan 11, 2005
How to post pics -

First, find a hosting site. I use geocities, but they frown on linking pics to other places like JU, so sooner or later, they may stop me (some others use MSN but that has the same restrictions). I tried Yahoo photo albums, but the URLs to your pics aren't permanent, so linked pics often disappear. While I haven't tried it yet, I have heard a lot of great things about photobucket. You upload the pics to their server and then you can get an URL for each pic. After that, come back to JU and create/edit an article. One of the choices you'll have over your text window is the Image button. Click that and it will open a popup where you can cut and paste the URL of your pics. Hit OK and it will insert it into the text body. A little cut and paste work can put it exactly where you want, if it doesn't show up where you wanted it originally. When you submit the article, JU automatically converts the image line into code and links to your picture so you can see it on your blog.
on Jan 12, 2005
Updated list with a bunch of Green Iron Armor
on Jan 12, 2005
A few pictures:

Standing next to Santa

Merry Christmas from MYTH Inc

Stormywaters, Orbitjuice and I hanging out in the Tram Station. Right after this picture we started Judging Rats

Thatch wearing the new hat I made for him
on Jan 12, 2005
Nice pics! Glad you got them posted!

Right after this picture we started Judging Rats

HOLY CRAP! THAT IS FUNNY! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That might be the funniest thing I've read all week!

on Jan 14, 2005
After killing about 200 Scalding Whelps I finally got one that dropped the Black Drake's Heart! Now the Gutrender randomly shoots fire balls!!!

on Jan 17, 2005
Had my first real foray into PvP on Friday night. I'm in Westfall working on my much neglicted cooking skills when Sentinel Hill comes under attack. Hop on my horse and ride over, there are a couple of much lower level Horde killing vendors. Decide to help when ZAP, I'm dead. Turns out there were some much higher level Horde waiting in the wings. Some more Alliance arrive and the Horde get dispersed. Spot a level 24 tauren named Dragonsomething (maybe blood?) and had to hit him.

Ride on a little further and there goes another tauren riding by on his mount. A mid-40 level Tauren name kpMenace. Start following him and send out a message that I need help. At some point he notices me, the lowly 40 paladin, following him. He dismounts and starts shooting me. Him: run around, shoot, jump up and down, run, shoot again. Me: heal, chase, heal, chase. Uh oh, getting low on mana. kpMenace moves in for the kill...

What kpMenace does not know is that I am grouped with Arraken and 3 other high level characters who literally ride over the crest of the hill as I am about to die and crush him.

Moral of the story: paladins make excellent bait.
on Jan 18, 2005
Updated list to add Shadow Crescent Axe, my first plate items, and mithril cylinders
on Jan 20, 2005
So there I was, soloing my way through Gnomeregan. Fought my way through most of the Dark Iron Dwarves, almost to Thermaplugg when..."Server going down in 15 minutes"

NOOOOoooooooooo.......... ...... .... ... .. . . .

I wonder if you can kick the Gnome King?
on Jan 20, 2005
I wonder if you can kick the Gnome King?

I spit on him every chance I get.

on Jan 20, 2005
Updated list to add Steel Plate Helm, Heavy Mithril Gauntlets, Heavy Mithril Shoulders, Mithril Scale Pants, Golden Scale Gauntlets, and a Heavy Mithril Axe.